Cayenne LIVE Show PIX matrix

Pix rgb led matrix by 0lab

I’m really exited to partecipate to the first Cayenne LIVE Show. I’ve decided to show my little PIX matrix. This is a 8×8 led matrix, that I’ve maked by using a neopixel led strip. I’ve cutted the strip each 8 leds, and after I’ve mounted these little strips on a wood surface.

I’ve worked on this matrix like a prototipe for a big project. Two big led matrix that I’ve used like a scenario for an electronic festival. I’ve posted this big matrix on Instructables: The matrix work with Arduino.
The specifications of this big matrix are: Dimensions 1 meter x 1 meter for any matrix, in foot are 3,28 for each side. The total of this matrix, when you “merge” the two matrix is 2 mt x 1 mt. I can combine the matrix and use those like a one. The big led matrix working with ArtNet protocol, and you can use this on a computer and drive the matrix.

But the topic of argument is the little one matrix, that I’ve called PIX. This matrix working on Arduino nano, and use a code that I’ve wrote for Cayenne LIVE show. I’ve decided to share the code that can show some shapes and text on my matrix. For my code I use neopixel library, and some definitions for colours. Well the result is on GitHub. Please follow the link:

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