Tilt switch sensor


Have you ever played with a pinball machine? Yes it’s real old style school, but is awesome. The pinball machines have a RETRO Gaming flavour. Ok go to the subject of article…When you try to push the flipper, it goes in TILT mode, and your game is over. This is because in the pinball there’s a tilt sensor. The tilt sensor is something like this in photo.


When you move the tilt sensor, some thing happens inside of it. The point is that you can use this sensor for “read” a movement of the objects. Also you can use this like magic switch. See the sensor in photo. This sensor, for example, have a ball in a cylinder. When you flip the sensor, his goes on “open” position, and vice versa. You can use this sensor for read an movement. You can use this sensor also in Cayenne app. Do you know Cayenne App? Oh if you don’t know Cayenne read this.

On your Cayenne’s Dasboard you can add a Digital Input. When the sensor is in “closed” position, the Digital Input widget sign ON on the dashboard, when the sensor is in “open” position, the widget sign OFF. Now you can trig this result. “Cayenne send me an mail when someone open my laptop!”…Hehe your email now are blinded!

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