Zerynth become PRO IoT Over The Air

Zerynth OTA

Do you want to program your microcontroller in Python? Do you want to upgrade your firmware  “Over The AIR”? Your solution is Zerynth! Now Zerynth becomes  Zerynth Studio PRO.

The developing of this toolkit started in 2015 on Kickstarter. Now Zerynth, ex Viper, is a great company that works within embedded developing, IoT and consulting. By using Zerynth, you can program many and many boards by using exactly the same Python code. For example, you can program Arduino DUE and with the same code, you can flash an ST Nucleo.

Zerynth also has an Android app. You can modify the app by using simple HTML code, and you can use the app by controlling the board that you have programmed. It’s Awesome!

You can develop IoT solutions by using 32-bit microcontrollers. You can NOW you can download the software and test your code on the Zerynth virtual machine. Yes, you can use the code on the simulated board on your computer. It’s a real big possibility to makers that want upgrade the level of ours products. The package is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems. The community of developers and enthusiasts of Zerynth is big and constantly growing.

See my Zerynth projects on Hackster.io and support these guys!


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